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Features of Moonix

Moonix brings together vendors and buyers without a central bank or
single administrator to ensure clear and fair deals

Lower Transaction Costs

A decentralized platform available to customers and companies with lower transaction payments and
operational expenses.

C2C Transactions

C2C operations are easy, speedy
and safe with Moonix.

Premium Security

We have optimized consumer targeting by giving companies the tools and insight to know their clients.


Stratopian is a social trading platform for multi-asset classes that allow users to copy the trades made by other individuals on the platform.Social traders on Stratopian will be compensated by two schemes,mainly the perfomance or rebates scheme when users copy their trades.There are very distinct advantages that social trading offers to its potential clients.The biggest of which is that it allows anyone in the world to be able to replicate the success(or failure)of social traders in the system.